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Support groups

Some men like to keep their diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer to themselves. Others find it useful to get in touch with other men who are in a similar position. There are both national and local support groups. They provide a range of support including:

Online support

There are many websites providing information and advice for men with prostate cancer. Some also have an online community, with communication via a message board (discussion forum) or live real-time chat room. They can provide both emotional and practical support. Members can swap stories and tips and ask all those questions that they forgot or felt were too trivial to ask the doctor. Because forums are anonymous, members can talk about the things that are really worrying them, that perhaps they wouldn’t want to talk about with family and friends, for fear of upsetting them. Most forums are not moderated by a healthcare professional, so it is always best to check any advice given with a doctor.

Face-to-face support

Both the Prostate Cancer Charity and the Prostate Cancer Support Federation have a searchable database of UK support groups. Groups tend to meet regularly, perhaps every month and aim to offer a relaxed, safe environment where men diagnosed with prostate cancer can discuss any issues that are worrying them. Some welcome partners, family and friends, others offer complementary therapies and some organise guest speakers.

A number of cancer support groups offer a helpline where men can talk to a specialist nurse or fellow prostate cancer patient about their concerns. Opening times and costs vary. Some are entirely free, while others incur a charge.

Organisation  Telephone number Opening times Cost (answered by)
Prostate Cancer UK 0800 074 8383 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Wed 7pm-9pm
Free (Nurse)
Prostate Cancer Support Foundation 0845 601 0766   Local Charge (Patient)
Macmillan 0808 808 0000 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Free (Volunteer)

Advantages of online communities:

  • Removes feelings of isolation
  • Available 24/7 so can be used when you want
  • Anonymous so you can ask and say whatever’s on your mind
  • Provide practical tips that have worked for others
  • A new set of ‘friends’ who really understand.

Online support

There are a number of online resources providing help and information about prostate cancer. A few examples are:

Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer support Federation

Macmillian Cancer support

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